How do I choose a clinic to do my hair transplants?It is normal to lose a certain amount of hair each day, but do you know how much?

According to some health experts, many people worry unnecessarily because they think they are losing more hair than they should. It is completely normal to lose an average of 50 hairs per day. Each of hairs has a natural life-cycle of growing, resting and shedding stages, and is replaced, after falling out, by a new hair.

However, hair loss is considered to be abnormal when the number of strands that you lose each day reaches 100 or more, and stays this high over an extended period. This level of hair loss, often accompanied by lack of new hair growth, results in thinning and bald patches, and can have a major impact on your self-confidence. It is at this point that many hair loss sufferers start seeking treatment.

Deciding on a hair restoration treatment can be a confusing business. There are numerous over the counter shampoos, conditioners and other remedies that claim to regrow hair. Unfortunately, Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts warn, these products are not an effective solution or cure for hair loss. Instead of trying different shampoos and hoping for the best, if you are worried about hair loss, you should first focus on getting a diagnosis of your condition from a hair loss specialist.

Vinci Hair Clinic offer free consultations for hair loss sufferers, including full evaluation of your condition and guidance on the most appropriate treatment for your condition. Whether you are are experiencing hair loss relating to stress or malnutrition, alopecia or pattern balding, Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts design your treatment to meet your individual needs and goals for restoration. Their hair restoration solutions include medication, non-invasive micro scalp pigmentation, hair transplant surgery, PRP and mesotherapy. Each of Vinci’s treatments has been developed with years of experience, using the latest scientific and medical knowledge to ensure safe, natural and effective results.

With such a wide range of medical, surgical and non-surgical hair restoration solutions available, there is no need to worry about abnormal hair loss. Let Vinci Hair Clinic guide you through your hair restoration treatment and start feeling good about your appearance again.



The Causes of Abnormal Hair Loss