As many myths abound about hair loss as there are causes. Since time immemorial, men in particular, have suffered from baldness. The most common type of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness. This condition is characterized by a progressive loss of hair on the crown. This often starts off as a receding hairline and continues until the hair on the top is all but gone. Below are some of the common myths related to baldness.

Baldness is passed on from your mother’s side

Heredity and genes do play a role in male pattern baldness; however, it’s not just from your mother. Many men seem to take after their fathers when it comes to balding. It does run in the family.

Wearing a hat can cause baldness

I don’t know how many bald men get asked if they wore hats a lot before losing their hair. Many people wrongly believe that the friction between the hat and your hair causes it to fall. This is not true.

Balding only happens in old age

The image of a balding old man seems hard shake for many people. Age usually doesn’t have anything to do with it. A growing number of younger men in their 20s and 30s are afflicted by hair loss. Ditch the myth, people.

Gels and hairspray cause hair loss

With a subject that is so complex and hard to understand like hair loss and balding, everything soon becomes a culprit. Yes, some hair products can affect your hair negatively, especially chemicals. However, hairspray and gel are harmless and do little to cause hair damage and loss. You should be wary of hair bleaching products, relaxers, and other products which contain harmful chemicals.

Stop having so much sex to keep your hair

Apparently, too much sex causes men to go bald. Well, what can we say, next time you see a balding man, just try to banish the image of them being a sex god to the back of your mind. There’s absolutely no truth to this myth, although, there may be a hormonal component in some cases.

Now that you know some of the most common myths, how about learning about some of the real causes and treatments available? Vinci Hair Clinic specializes in hair restoration and their blog has some interesting articles about hair loss, causes, and solutions.

What Causes Hair Loss? Myths About Baldness