Did Chris Rock’s 2009 Comedy Documentary Good Hair Touch a Nerve?

In 2009, famous US comedian and film actor, Chris Rock released a light-hearted but serious comedy/documentary about “black hair.” The film featured Chris Rock on a tour of hair salons and the whole hair extension supply chain in an attempt to understand, not only the industry, but also the impact hair has on African culture. So what does this documentary have to do with hair loss? Chris Rock’s findings, during a journey that took him from America to India, showed how deep the link between good hair and self-confidence runs.

Losing hair is a harrowing experience for any man or women. However, for African American women, their hair underpins their very being—a subject rarely discussed. Women will do everything they possibly can to ensure no one ever knows they are losing their hair.

screenshot_19The role hair styling plays in African American hair loss

Although the documentary didn’t go as far as tackling hair loss among African American women (this applies to women of African heritage wherever they may be in the world). One of the processes many women use to eliminate the curls in their hair is relaxing. This isn’t such a bad idea if you use the right products and you have a professional do it for you. However, one of the most commonly used products or ingredient in many relaxers is sodium hydroxide. This chemical is so strong that it can dissolve the aluminum used to make drinks cans.

Other causes of hair loss in African American women include the following:

  • Frequent hair straightening.
  • Tight braids and weaves.
  • Use of harmful conditioners and shampoos on hair.

For many of the women featured in the Good Hair film, hair treatments for them started when they were as young as four years old. A visit to the hair salon or having their hair braided is as much a culture experience as it is part of a beauty regime.

Understanding some of the causes of hair loss above and knowing that losing your hair can be controlled if tackled early enough should empower more women to take action.

If you are afraid that you may be suffering from hair loss caused by hair treatments, the advice is to stop the treatments. You then need to consult a specialist who will be able to provide a diagnosis and a plan of action. Vinci Hair Clinic, with operations all around the world, can help with hair loss. Visit www.vincihairclinic.com to find out more.




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