Client Testimonial – Mohammed

Mohammed was losing his hair at a young age, and and suffered from a receding hairline and some thinning on his crown. Baldness really affected his self confidence, and he wished for a better, more youthful look. “It was a big issue for me. I was feeling less confident, and I hated going out and socialising. Wearing a hat ended up being the only way I would go out, it was a difficult time for me.”

He discovered Vinci Hair Clinic, and researched the different methods of treatment available, and decided that the MSP treatment was the best for him. This treatment replicates shaved hair follicles by placing individual pigments into the epidermis level of the skin. This creates a redefined hairline and to also covers the patients baldness. “I found Vinci Hair Clinic online, they gave me a very good option, which was the SMP. As you can from the result here, the full head is covered. I had three different sessions and a further touch up session to really give me the desired result. ”

“The staff were really helpful, always very nice to me and answered any questions I had so yes, I am really happy.”

The result Mohammed has got has changed how he looks, giving him the sympathetic hairline he wanted. It was important to him  that the treatment represents the hairline of his current age, and with a completely undetectable result, Mohammed has the confidence to socialise and have fun without worrying about his baldness.


With his redesigned hairline and a full head of hair look, Mohammed is a very satisfied client. “I’m really happy now I have had the treatment done, I can go out very happily now knowing I look great.”

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