Adeife Tunde 3Dr. Adeife Tunde is a Nigerian-born hair transplant surgeon and consultant at Vinci Hair Clinic in Nigeria. He specialises in hair transplants for Afro hair and is highly-experienced, having treated over a thousand Nigerian hair loss sufferers.

Dr. Tunde started his career in medicine by earning a B. Sc in Medical Physiology. He went on to study at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow, where he obtained a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) degree and a Diploma in General Surgery. After completing his formal education, Dr. Tunde joined Vinci Hair Clinic. He received intensive training from Vinci Hair Clinic Spain and Dr. Riad Roomi in Nigeria. As one of the world’s leading hair restoration experts and a certified hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Roomi was able to pass on invaluable expertise and skills to Dr. Tunde.

Dr. Tunde takes pride providing Vinci Hair Clinic’s innovative hair restoration procedures to men and women in Nigeria. His unique understanding of the special requirements and concerns of people with Afro hair allows him to deliver personalised care and first-class results for all of his patients.