Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis’ talent, experience and passion for his work are evident in the excellent results that he achieves for all of his patients. His expertise allows him to perform complex hair, eyebrow, beard and even the difficult technique of body hair transplants to the highest standards with completely natural looking results.

Dr Fotis graduated from the Medical University in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 2001 and specialized in ophthalmology at the University General Hospital of Larisa (Greece). During his residence, he was involved in two European research programs on glaucoma. Alongside his speciality of treating diseases of the eye. Dr Fotis had a passion for hair restoration that has spanned over 10 years giving him a vast knowledge of hair transplant techniques.  He has helped over 1000 patients around the world achieve their ambition of better thicker hair styles. He is now based at Vinci Hair Clinic’s Harley Street centre in London. Dr Fotis is fully registered as a medical practitioner in Greece and Cyprus and is listed on the UK GMC register.

Dr Fotis is dedicated to providing client satisfaction and understands that every patient has different goals and needs on their hair restoration journey. He believes in “putting the patient at the centre of care” and ensures satisfaction by paying attention to details and maintaining quality at every stage of treatment.