Dr-Luciano-LovisiDr. Luciano Lovisi´s expertise in dermatology, and surgical ability, endow him with the skills required to perform a hair transplant to the highest standards. He believes the best hair transplant is one that blends medical excellence and artistic skill to create the most natural result. His goal is to provide Vinci Hair Clinic patients with superior care and the highest quality surgical hair restoration procedures.

Dr. Luciano graduated from the Metropolitan University of Santos (SP) with a degree in Medicine, and completed his post graduate studies in Dermatology and Cosmetics at Advanced School of Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais. He specialised in Clinical and Surgical Dermatology at the skin department of UNIFESP, mentored by Vice-Chancellor Dr. Valeria Petri. During his studies, Dr Luciano found his love for aesthetic beauty, however it was after having treatment with Vinci Hair Clinic that he came to understand how a hair transplant can have such a positive impact on someone’s life.

“Hair loss can have a great impact on many men and women and I am happy I have the ability not only to restore areas of hair loss but also self-confidence and self-esteem to my patients.”

An aspect that Dr. Lovisi believes is vital to his hair transplant ability is being in tune with the latest developments in medicine and hair restoration. Dr. Luciano frequently attends conferences in Brazil and worldwide, and is a member of the Brazilian Society of Clinical – Surgical Dermatology.