Dr Santiago Casquero and Vinci Hair Clinic, SpainDr. Santiago Casquero’s love for surgical hair restoration, performing both FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques comes from his dedication to perfection and understanding the importance to aesthetic details.

He is a talented, caring hair transplant specialist with patient care a priority. “I believe my surgical hair restoration helps my patients look the best for their age, giving them a more youthful feel and confidence; listening to their needs and by connecting with them personally achieves the best results” says Dr. Santiago.

His innate attention to detail starts with his hair line design, the framing of the face, mindful for almost every hair transplant he has performed this is the primary concern of his patients.

Gaining his Masters in Specialist Anatomy from Carlos Haya University of Malaga in 1998, and later in Aesthetic medicine at the renowned University of Cordoba, Spain, Dr. Santiago has a long held belief a hair transplant requires not only surgical perfection but an understanding of facial bone structure and how this effects planning and design.

“Every patient is an individual, with different goals and degrees of medical and artistic demands; this is the pleasure for me to perform a hair transplant as I need to draw on different aspects of my skills in each and every procedure”