In the world of college basketball, players are beginning to use their hairstyles as an important form of self-expression. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we were interested to read the Washington Post’s recent article[i] about the hairstyles of the players on the Virginia’s Cavaliers basketball team because we believe that hair is an important part of both culture and personal identity.

For Kyle Guy, one of the team’s players, hair is how he connected with his personal trainer. While preparing for his freshman Cavaliers season, Guy agreed to let his hair grow if his personal trainer in Indianapolis continued growing out his hair. Guy explained, feigning sadness, that his trainer was bald, so could only grow his beard. Guy has continued growing his hair since then, and he now sports a popular man bun with cropped sides. He explained to the Washington Post, “It’s just the European style. I like soccer a lot, and it’s sort of normal there, so I just decided I was going to go for it. Little did I know that it was going to get this much attention.”

For other Cavaliers players, hairstyle is a way to express individuality in a famously strait-laced program. The team rose to prominence under the head of a clean-cut coach who monitored other aspects of the team members’ behavior. According to the Post, team member Isaiah Wilkins can “rattle off his teammates’ hair flair of choice without pause, from senior guard London Perrantes’s gravity-defying high-top fade to the trendy swoosh shaved into the left side of junior guard Devon Hall’s otherwise buzzed cut.” Perrantes explained his own height-adding hair styling to the Post, “It’s all about player identity. People all have their thing. [Sophomore center] Jack Salt has his seven-foot-tall thing; this is what I do. I gotta be tall, too.”

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we understand that hair is an important part of a person’s identity. We offer hair restoration procedures so that men and women can feel like themselves again after years of thinning or balding.


College Basketball Stars Use Hair styling to Express Personal Identity