Brushing your hair and watching a clump come off in your hand is never a good experience. Neither is running your hands through your hair in the shower and coming away with a handful. But why is your hair falling out, you ask? This article will try to provide some answers to this question so many people ask.

Common causes of hair loss

There are so many myths surrounding hair loss that it would take an entire article just to get through half of them. Hair loss is natural because hair growth follows a cycle. It grows and it falls away, however, not in clumps. Some of the common causes include the following:


  1. Acute telogen effluvium – the natural process of hair falling out can be acute in some instances. Post pregnancy is one such time. Due to hormonal changes required to support a growing fetus, the hair growth cycle is disrupted. After giving birth and the normal hormone balance is restored, masses of hair cells enter into the resting or telogen phase, causing clumps of hair to fall out. This is a temporary and reversible condition and within a few weeks or months, the hair should grow back.


  1. Stress – this is another common cause of hair loss. This could be either physical or mental stress. The impact of stress is again a hormonal imbalance due to the levels of stress hormone in the blood. You may begin to notice more hair than usual on your brush or on the pillow. This is a temporary condition and once the cause of the stress is eliminated, normal hair growth resumes. If you are stressed, deal with the cause of the stress and find ways to relax.


  1. Alopecia areata – also known as spot baldness, this condition is caused by an autoimmune reaction in the body. Due to conditions yet unknown, the body’s immune system sees hair cells as foreign bodies and attacks them. This causes hair to fall out from the scalp in patches. Scarring alopecia is irreversible because it destroys the hair follicle while non-scarring alopecia preserves the hair follicle, making it reversible.

Where to get help for hair loss

If hair fall continues and there is no sign of hair growing back, you may have a more serious condition that requires expert help. Vinci Hair Clinic specializes in hair loss conditions and has branches around the world. Find out more about the treatment options available by visiting Vinci Hair Clinic. When it comes to hair loss, the situation can be reversed if treatment is sought sooner, rather than later.

Common causes of hair loss


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