Could a Humidifier Make Your Hair Healthier?

One of the latest ideas we’ve heard for making your hair healthier is using a humidifier and an air purifier in your home. Could these household devices really help to improve your hair?

Hair Growth Cycles & Hair Health

The theory behind why humidifiers and air purifiers could be beneficial for hair health is based on your hair’s growth cycles. Each hair goes through three different stages: anagen (growing), catagen (shedding) and telogen (resting). The anagen stage lasts between 2 and 7 years, and most of your hair is in this stage at any one time. It’s important to take good care of hair that is in the anagen stage, as its condition can impact on future hair growth and hair loss. This is where humidifiers and air purifiers come in.

Does Better Air Quality Equal Better Hair Quality?

A humidifier works to keep the air in your home moist, which helps to maintain the natural hydration levels of your skin and hair. This is particularly important in the winter when household heating systems can dry out the air. Air purifiers work to remove impurities such as dirt, dust and allergens from the air. These impurities can cause irritation to the scalp and dry out your hair. Essentially, you can use the two household devices to improve air quality in your home. There are some studies which link scalp conditions and hair loss with exposure to air pollution, so there may be something in this theory.

Nothing Can Replace Expert Advice

Though these two air quality improving machines may be beneficial for your hair health, you should not expect too much from them. If you are concerned about your hair growth, your hair is getting thinner or you are aware of bald patches developing, seek professional help. Specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic say that they often see men and women who have tried numerous home hair loss remedies without success. Instead of wasting time and money, it’s best to go straight to the experts. Vinci Hair Clinic offer a range of clinically-proven solutions, including medical, non-surgical and surgical options.

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Could a Humidifier Make Your Hair Healthier?