An exciting discovery by hair loss researchers at the University of Manchester has shed light on new information about hair follicles. We take a closer look at their study and discuss what this could mean for the future of baldness treatments.

The Study on Sandalwood and Hair Growth

The recent study, which was co-funded by an Italian cosmetics company, set out to discover whether synthetic sandalwood has beneficial effects on hair growth. The fragrance had already been identified as helpful in improving wound healing, the researchers surmised that it may also stimulate the hair follicles. The researchers tested the synthetic sandalwood aroma compound on samples of scalp skin donated by cosmetic surgery patients and found that the hair follicles began to grow.

One of the curious things about the study is why the fragrance has this effect. Essentially, the hair follicles are “smelling” the fragrance and interpreting it as a signal to grow. The scientists explained that the hair follicles have olfactory receptors similar to the ones in our noses that give us our sense of smell. In hair follicles, the aroma of synthetic sandalwood stimulates growth-factors and improves hair cell growth.

The findings, reported in Nature Communications, are important because it is the first time that an aroma has been shown to have an impact on hair growth. A pilot study has already been performed on a small group of 20 female volunteers, with large-scale trials set to conclude in January 2019.

The Future of Treating Hair Loss?

These new findings are fascinating and represent a significant development in our understanding of hair growth. As yet, it is too soon to say how the new information will translate into a viable treatment and to what extent it will be helpful for hair loss sufferers.

Clinically Proven Hair Restoration Treatments

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Could Sandalwood Fragrance be the Key to Treating Baldness?