Vinci Hair Clinic’s Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) is an innovative hair loss treatment. Read  on to learn more about how this non-surgical treatment works to disguise baldness.

Is MSP the same as tattooing the scalp?

Although MSP has some similarities to a traditional tattoo, the technique has some major differences. A tattoo creates a drawing or artistic design on the skin, while MSP aims to simulate the look of shaved hair emerging from the follicles on the scalp. To do this, technicians apply a medical grade pigment in micro-dots that look exactly like real hair growth.

 How does MSP create a natural “shaved head” effect?

The natural-looking results that can be achieved with MSP rely on the skill, knowledge and creative talent of the technician. To achieve the most realistic effect possible, pigment tones are carefully selected to favour the client’s colouring. For restoration of the frontal area, the new hairline is designed to flatter the client’s bone structure. Since the treatment is fully personalised, it can be adapted to suit any unique requirements. For instance, a client who had a small scar left from a childhood accident opted to leave it untouched because he didn’t want family members to notice that it had suddenly disappeared.

How can MSP be used to create a look of improved hair density?

MSP was initially created by Vinci to achieve a shaved hair effect. The technique has since been adapted to help people who have thinning hair but want to maintain a longer hairstyle. In these cases, the technician works to reduce the contrast between hairless areas and the hair, creating the illusion of thicker hair growth.

Does MSP require a lot of upkeep?

MSP provides a long-lasting result that requires little maintenance. Over the years, the pigment will fade very gradually without changing colour and can be refreshed with a top-up session, if desired. With regards to everyday care, no special treatment is needed and a regular shave is all that is needed to keep any remaining hair growth looking neat and tidy.

 Will MSP suit me?

If you are wondering whether MSP would suit you, take a look at Vinci Hair Clinic’s MSP simulation app. It’s completely free to use and allows you to get an idea of how the treatment could transform your appearance.

Covering Up Baldness with Micro Scalp Pigmentation