Creating A Micro Scalp Pigmentation Hairline: Client Testimonial – Assad

Hair loss sufferer Assad had watched his hairline recede and see the effects of male pattern baldness on the top of his head. Because he suffered from male pattern baldness, he kept his hair cropped short. However he still noticed the actual areas of baldness. After searching online he discovered Vinci Hair Clinic’s Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment, and decided to contact our London clinic for a consultation.

“I’ve had to put up with hair loss for over 10 years now, and I didn’t really want to have a hair transplant because its not something I would want to put myself through.  I had a consultation and met the friendly staff at the clinic in central London. After thinking about the treatment, and reviewing the excellent patient review at Vinci Hair Clinic’s YouTube channel, and I saw the quality of the hairlines Vinci achieve, and I knew that this was the treatment for me.”

The treatment was arranged for Assad, and he had his first session with one of our experienced MSP technicians that advised him on the best hairline for his age, head shape and style he wanted to achieve. Assad had some of his hair left on his scalp, so the hairline was fairly easy to decide upon and after 4 sessions his result was complete.

Designing Assad’s Micro Scalp Pigmentation Hairline

“Over the 4 or so sessions I had, the design of my Micro Scalp Pigmentation hairline was established, the density was created so it replicated real hair follicles, and over all the ability to tell the difference between my existing hair and the MSP treatment is practically undetectable.”

By using the advanced Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment to conceal his hair loss, Assad has got the look he wanted of a full head of hair. Now he just needs to shave his head every two to three days. This for Assad is a small thing to do, to maintain the look he now has.

“The result is fantastic, I’m one very satisfied customer and I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is currently suffering from hair loss and provided they have a shaved head, can have the look of a shaved head of hair.”

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