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Nick was suffering from pretty normal male pattern baldness, and didn’t really want to put himself through a hair transplant treatment. He discovered the MSP Micro Scalp Pigmentation and spent months researching the treatment. He came to Vinci Hair Clinic in Malaga for a consultation and was immediately convinced by the effectiveness of the treatment and decided it was for him.

“First of all I would like to thank everyone involved in my micro pigmentation procedure as it truly has changed my life. Gone are the day were I don’t leave the house with out wearing a hat. I’m very proud and I shout it loud about my ‘hair tattoo’, Its definitely no secret to any one I speak to. I find that most people do not believe that its not my natural hairline. It has also proved great as a conversation starter.”

Nick After His MSP Treatment With Vinci Hair Clinic
Nick After His MSP Treatment With Vinci Hair Clinic

Being 28 years of age, Nick got the youthful, realistic result he was looking for that gave him the confidence to stop wearing hats, or trying to hide his baldness. His treatment was carried out over three sessions, where Vinci’s experienced MSP Technician implanted pigments into the Epidermis level of the skin, to give Nick the look of a shaved head of hair.

“I’ve become some what passionate about telling everyone about the procedure because of how great the over all experience was. I notice these clinics popping up all over but I believe that Vinci Hair Clinic are the pioneers in this game.”

Nick realised that life is about finding a passion and following it, and his passion was to find his solution to his baldness.

“I’m not a salesman and never have been but I can honestly say I am so happy with the treatment, and hopefully many other people can be made just as happy as me from having this treatment, literally my confidence is back, and i’m sure there are many other happy customers from Vinci who are as happy I am with my appearance since the procedure.”

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Creating The Perfect Micro Scalp Pigmentation – Nick