There has been neverending gossip that the football star has undergone surgery to enhance his appearance through hair transplant procedures.

David Beckman is known the world over. There is no confusing the image that goes with the name of this man. His wife Victoria has helped to create the brand of Beckham to transcend the world of football. His fan base has grown beyond the sport and has progressed to adulation of their image as a couple.

Beckham’s hairdo’s have been switched around so many times throughout his career. This contributed to him becoming a men’s fashion icon. These hairstyle changes could be the main cause of such gossip. The GQ cover was considered to be at the height of all these rumors. His list of ever changing styles began in the nineties with a very boyish style then gradually changed into the widely imitated Mohawk, with so many hairstyle variations in between. It is to be noted that it was Adee Phelan, hairstylist to the stars, who was responsible for the Mohawk.

David Beckham

David’s status as one of the world’s most fashionable men paves the way to discuss about the mysterious resiliency of his hair. It has undergone so many different styles. This contributes to the enigmatic durability of his hair. Hollywood has had more than its fair share of famous men placed under suspicion. Among those included in the hair transplant rumour mill are: Sylvester Stallone, Edward Norton, Billy Bob Thornton, Sean Penn, Kevin Costner and Jason Donovan to name a few. They have been known to use their resources to increase their image through cutting edge procedures in hair technology. Wayne Rooney, Anthony Stokes and Leigh Griffiths are some footballers that have “joined the bandwagon”.

It is still not one hundred percent certain that Becks has taken advantage of these techniques. What is clear is that his once full head of hair has definitely depleted. The loss of hair however may not be enough to make a hair transplant surgery necessary. His image remains suspect in the world of gossip, though what could prevent any enterprising paparazzi from engaging in digital wizardry to generate false hype?

The gossip surrounding this perceived controversy should not be believed. It will go on for sure though because it sells. Beckham’s appeal certainly goes beyond having a full head of hair. Take action stars Jason Statham and Vin Diesel for example. Their box office draw is based more on their style than their looks.

The real story seems that no amount of rumours can undermine the strength of Beckham’s popularity, whether they may be true or false. He probably is not as concerned about it as the rest of the public anyway.

David Beckham and the hair transplant gossip – The REAL story