Will your favourite hat make your hair fall out and do you need to wash your hair daily? We find out the truth behind these and more men’s hair myths.

Wearing a hat will make you go bald

Many people believe that wearing a hat will make you go bald. Whether you are more of a baseball cap or trilby fan, you don’t have to worry. A hat that fits comfortably on your head is very unlikely to cause the strain necessary to damage hair. There is a grain of truth to this myth though. Constantly wearing tightly-fitted headgear (including wigs and turbans) over an extended period puts tension on the follicles and can lead to traction alopecia. The best way to avoid this hair loss condition is to wear looser fitting head-wear and take regular breaks.

You should (or shouldn’t) wash your hair every day

Some people say that washing your hair every day will prevent hair loss and others say the absolute opposite, blaming baldness on excess hair washing. Who should you believe? The truth is that hair loss has no connection to your shampoo routine but is caused by other factors such as genetics, diet or stress.

Dandruff causes hair loss

The specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic are often asked whether dandruff is connected to hair loss. Dandruff occurs due to yeast imbalances on the scalp and it does not cause hair loss. However, if you want healthy hair it’s important to keep your scalp in tip-top condition. If dandruff is a problem, a medicated shampoo will help to clear it up.

Hair grows faster in summer

If it seems like you need a trim more often in summer, it isn’t your imagination. According to research, our follicles do produce hair at a faster rate during the summer months. Reasons for this include warmer weather increasing blood circulation and increased Vitamin D supplies available to the body as we tend to spend more time in the sunshine. However, the effect is not significant enough to cure hair loss problems. If your hair isn’t growing as fast as it should, it is worth talking to a hair loss specialist like those at Vinci Hair Clinic.

Debunking Myths About Men’s Hair Part 1