What is the Perfect SMP Hairline?

One of the best thing about scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), apart from how it boosts confidence and give you a fantastically realistic looking hairline and shaved scalp, is that it is designed to be completely unique. It is flexible and able to be designed around your own vision, giving you the ultimate in hairstyling!

When you arrive at one of our clinics for your initial consultation, you will be able to chat to one of our expert practitioners who will guide you through the process, explain in details how SMP works, and then discuss with you exactly what you want from the procedure. You can choose the colour of the tattoo (dark or light), and whether you want it smooth or defined. You can choose exactly where you want it to go, to give you the most realistic hairline for your scalp and face. We work with you to give you the ideal hairline and SMP result.

Vinci Hair Clinic achieve the perfect SMP Hair linesOther clinics may not be quite as thorough, implementing a ‘one scalp fits all’ theory that, in the end, simply doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because everyone is different. Skin type, age, the shape of your skull, the colour of hair you had, your other facial hair, your favourite style… these are all factors that come into play when designing you the best hairline from your SMP. So when you come to a Vinci Clinic, you know you’ll get the hairline that has been created just for you. We take the time to listen, and to get it right.

We can do this because we have access to all the most modern tools, including different sized needles to give a more realistic look. And we will also let you know if the style you are thinking of won’t suit you – if that’s the case, we’ll suggest an alternative.

Once you have had the scalp micro pigmentation procedure that Vinci Clinics offers, you’ll be satisfied that your hairline is the most realistic, the most attractive, and the most ideal one for you – and only you.

Designing Your Perfect Scalp Micro Pigmentation Hairline