Do men and women react differently to hair loss? Researchers in South Africa were curious about this particular question and have recently published the results of their studies on the topic.

Male & Female Hair Loss Statistics

The independent market research company carried out two surveys to acquire information about hair loss. The first group was made up of 600 men aged between 25 and 60 years, and the second group was made up of 505 women aged over 30 years. Overall, 39% of the men had signs of premature balding, 9% had serious hair loss and 8% were nearly bald. Amongst the women, 28% had signs of hair loss and 8% had serious hair loss.

Reactions to Hair Loss from Men and Women

For both men and women, hair loss was shown to have an impact on self-esteem, confidence and their perception of their attractiveness. Around 25% of the men and 33% of the women said that they were worried that their hair loss would make them less appealing to their partner or potential dates. The males also said that going bald would impact on their social life. Many of the men even commented that they were more worried about hair loss than bad breath or body odour, but admitted that their weight was also a concern. Both the men and women said that they were willing to spend extra money on solving their hair loss, with half the females saying that they’d switch a wardrobe of new clothing for the opportunity to get their hair back. In general, it seems that men and women have similar concerns when it comes to hair loss. Both genders were uncomfortable with the changes in their appearance and wanted to do something about it.


Treatments for Male & Female Hair Loss

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Do Men & Women Have Different Reactions to Hair Loss?