Even before businessman Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America, his somewhat strange hairstyle often attracted attention.  Now that he is at the centre of attention every day, new speculations about his ‘do have been rolling in.

Trump’s Hair Loss Remedies

Anyone can see that there is something unusual about the US president’s hair – but what is it exactly? It has been claimed that Trump colours his own hair to hide the grey, resulting in his odd gingery-blonde hue and some say that he wears a toupee. It has also been reported that he uses the hair growth medication Propecia (finasteride) in an attempt to beat his hair loss. The biggest rumours though have been about whether the entrepreneur has had scalp reduction surgery.

What is Scalp Reduction Surgery?

During the 1980s, scalp reduction surgery was a popular approach to hair restoration. It involves locating an area of the scalp with healthy hair growth and stretching it to cover the areas of hair loss. It is a more invasive surgery than FUE and FUT hair transplants and requires a longer healing time than these more modern techniques. It also needs an extremely skilled and experienced hand to perform the procedure – as can be seen with Donald Trump’s hairstyles, a badly planned surgery can leave the patient with hair that doesn’t follow natural growth patterns. 

Dr Roomi’s Scalp Reduction Presentation

Dr Riad Roomi is a highly skilled surgeon who works at Vinci Hair Clinic locations in Dubai and London. He is a member of the ISHRS and has over 20 years experience in the hair restoration field. As one of the world’s specialists in hair loss treatment, he has been invited to speak at February 2018’s Haircon, organised by the Association of Hair Restoration India. At the scientific conference, Dr Roomi will give a presentation on the subject of scalp reduction, as well as eyelash hair transplants.

If you are worried about hair loss and want to find the right solution for you, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. They offer free consultations at their clinics across the globe and are experts in providing natural-looking hair restoration solutions.

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Did Donald Trump Have Scalp Reduction Surgery?