screenshot_20Mr. Trump’s hairstyle may be as controversial as his political views. Now an ex-hairdresser who worked on the set of The Apprentice reveals the secrets of the President-elect’s famous comb over. An article at the New York Post tells us more.

Amy Lasch is a film and TV hairstylist who has been in the industry for nearly thirty years and she worked on the first two seasons of the hit reality show The Apprentice. She reveals that Mr. Trump is very particular about this hairstyle. According to Lasch, Trump eschews professional hairstylists and she thinks his hair was cut and styled by his inner circle and possibly by his family. She goes on to say that the colour was really inconsistent because they didn’t colour the underside properly. Lasch describes the hair as a “calamity” and says he used so much lacquer than the hair became “solid and matted.”

She dismisses the rumours that Trump wears hair pieces or had a hair transplant. Instead, she says his hair is really long which allows him to style it into his signature comb over. Lasch would never make alterations to his hair herself but would instead point out problem areas (sometimes picked up only by the camera) and Trump would adjust it himself. Lasch says that when on set, Trump was “very commanding” and always knew what he wanted.

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Donald Trump’s ex-hairdresser reveals the secrets of his hair