Our hair and the way we chose to style it is an important part of who we are and how we express our personality to the world. When it starts to fall out it is often a devastating experience. Your once crowning glory is no longer frames your face as it once did and this can take a real toll on your self-confidence.

Realise that you aren’t alone

The moment that you notice that you are losing your hair can be frightening, upsetting and isolating. You might even start to feel like you are the only person with this problem. It might put things in perspective for you to learn that hair loss affects 50% of men by the age of 50 and around 80% of women by the time they reach their 60s. There are many different reasons that people experience hair loss and it can happen at any stage of life – it is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t avoid talking about it, instead consider seeking specialist advice to find out what is making your hair fall out.

Don’t listen to negative comments

It is hard to deal with hair loss, but even more so if you’ve had people criticise your changing appearance or even make a joke of it. Though it is sometimes easier said than done, the best thing to do is just ignore the comments. Realise that people who feel the need to embarrass others are often trying to deflect from their own insecurities and don’t let their negativity impact on you.

Get expert hair loss treatment

If you have started getting thinner on top, you might be thinking that it is game over for your once healthy head of hair. Though options for hair loss sufferers were limited in the past, today, there is a good chance that you could restore your hair. Vinci Hair Clinic are specialists in treating men and women with hair loss and offer a variety of treatment options. These include FUE and FUT method hair transplant surgery, Micro Scalp Pigmentation, PRP, Mesotherapy and the medicines finasteride and minoxidil. Vinci tailor their hair restoration treatments to meet each client’s individual needs, helping them to get back their hair and their self-confidence.

Don’t Let Hair Loss Ruin Your Self-Confidence