At Vinci Hair Clinic, men regularly turn to us for advice when their hair first starts to thin. We’re happy to report that there are many things you can do to slow hair loss if you understand the dos and don’ts of handling your thinning hair. Adelaide Now has recently published the advice of GQ Australia fashion editor Nick Carvell[i] for men on how to handle hair loss. Today, we’re sharing a few of the dos and don’ts from Carvell’s article to help men manage their thinning hair.


Invest in the right hair-care products. Your thinning hair doesn’t need to be weighed down by thick waxes, heavy conditioners, or sticky gels––it’s time to find lighter alternatives. Find a cleansing conditioner that cleans while retaining hair volume. Consider purchasing volumizing powders and hairsprays. Search your local hair-product store or online venues for products specifically designed for thinning hair, and then experiment for a while until you find the right product for you.

If products fail you, visit your local men’s hair stylist and seek their advice about the best styles available for your hair. The hands of a skilled hair stylist make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your hair.


Avoid concealing your thin hair with hats or man buns. Many men whose thinning begins on the crown of their heads try to grow out the sides and front of their hair and cover up the thinning area with a tight man bun. Pulling your hair tightly like that, however, can worsen the thinning process by putting undue strain on your remaining hair. Wearing hats––another popular quick-fix––clogs the hair follicles and starves them of oxygen, which inhibits the flow of nutrients and production of vital oils required for healthy hair growth.

If your thinning gets out of control, don’t resign yourself to a lifetime of low confidence and hair loss, and do contact us at Vinci Hair Clinic. The experts at our worldwide locations have options for effectively restoring your hairline. After an initial consultation, we can assess whether you qualify for the hair transplant surgeries or scalp micropigmentation procedures that have already changed the lives of countless men who suffer from male-pattern baldness.


Dos and Don’ts for Men with Thinning Hair