In the same way that our skin changes as we get older, our hair starts to show signs of ageing too. It may go may go grey, become weaker and start falling out. Is there anything that you can do to stop the clock on your hair’s age? According to experts, yes. They say that adapting your diet can have an anti-ageing effect on your crowning glory.

The Nutrients That Your Hair Needs at Different Ages

  • In your 40s, you are likely to experience more hair loss paired with slower regrowth. The body produces less collagen, making the individual strands weaker and more prone to breakage. Some people’s hair will already have a lot of greys, while others may just be starting to develop their first greys. Antioxidant Vitamin C, found in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables like bell peppers, strawberries and oranges, is important at this age as it helps to promote collagen production. Eating plenty of copper-rich foods, such as almonds, may help to prevent your hair from turning grey.

  • In your 50s, oil glands on the scalp become smaller and your hair may become drier. At this age, hormonal changes may contribute to hair loss. Eat oily fish and walnuts, which are abundant in omega fatty acids, to help to keep your hair hydrated. Silica-rich foods such as oats and cherries can promote hair growth.

  • In your 60s, your hair is likely to be much thinner and have less elasticity. Any untreated hair loss is likely to have developed to an advanced stage. Biotin, found in salmon and eggs, is a key nutrient at this age, helping to nourish hair and stimulate growth.

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Changing up your diet is an excellent way to make your hair look more youthful and improve your overall health. You can also add an extra dose of nutrients to your diet by taking Vinci Hair Clinic’s Vitruvian Line. The dietary supplement contains Vitamin C, copper, silica and biotin, along with other key micro-nutrients and plant extracts that support healthy hair growth at any age.

Eat These Foods for Younger Looking Hair