Many women who experience hair loss feel alone in their journey. While we’re exposed to many men with bald heads or thinning hair, it’s much less common to see prominent women who suffer from hair loss. In fact, over thirty million women suffer from hair loss each year in the United States alone. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we want to show you that you’re not alone on your hair regrowth journey––no matter your gender or age. Many would be surprised to find out, for example, that 2011 Miss America finalist Kayla Martell has suffered from hair loss for most of her life.

According to a report by, Kayla’s journey started at the young age of eleven when her alopecia diagnosis left her believing she would spend her whole life without hair. As a young girl who dreamt of being crowned Miss Delaware, the diagnosis was initially devastating. Instead of giving up, however, Kayla decided to nurture her confidence and enter the competition anyway. After initially entering the competition bald, Kayla finally discovered that wigs could be the key to her dream of being crowned Miss Delaware. In 2010, she won the competition, going on to be a finalist in the Miss America pageant the following year.

Kayla’s experience taught her that the most important part of finding confidence wasn’t the decision to put on a wig; it was the empowering feeling of knowing that she had choices. The September 2016 account quotes Kayla as saying, “There are so many reasons why women lose their hair, and so many new treatments now approved by the FDA. Having lost my hair at age eleven from alopecia, I enjoy sharing my own experiences so women can learn about their options and feel good about their hair again.”

At Vinci Hair Clinic, our mission is the same as Kayla’s: to help women suffering from hair loss to know that they’re not alone, and––most importantly––that they have choices.

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The Empowering Story of Miss America Finalist Kayla