Top hair questions answered

Everyone has questions when it comes to hair. Why does hair turn grey? Do I need to wash my hair every day? What causes baldness? These are a few of the more common questions heard no matter where in the world you may be from. You will find some answers to these questions here in this hair FAQ.

Why is my hair turning grey?

Hair color is the result of the pigment produced by cells located at the base of the hair follicle. These cells are known as melanocytes. Vitamin B12 is a vital constituent of the pigment creation process and so a deficiency in vitamin B12 leads to greying. Also, once a person is past the age of thirty, the ability of the melanocytes to synthesize the pigment diminishes. Smoking and genetics also play a part.

What causes split ends?

When a hair shaft fractures, this is what is called a split end. Common causes of split ends include heat and chemicals. The cuticle layer locks in the moisture and protects the hair. Once the cuticle layer is broken, the hair becomes brittle, inelastic, and breaks easily. Contrary to what some leading shampoo brands claim, split ends cannot be repaired. Cutting off split ends is the only way to stop them.

What causes hair to be greasy?

The scalp produces natural oils to maintain it and keep it healthy. The oils produced by the scalp are then transferred onto the hair. Washing your hair too frequently may have the opposite effect if you have greasy hair. This is because washing your hair and massaging the scalp stimulates the scalp to produce even more oil.

There are a number of other questions that could be asked about hair. However, if you have hair loss related questions and are searching for some answers, Vinci Hair Clinic can help.


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