hair-today-gone-tomorrow-bookHair loss, baldness, receding hairline. Whatever form your hair loss takes, you probably wish that you had a full head of hair. Hair restoration expert and author Salvar Bjornsson first started noticing that he was losing hair when he was only 19.

Like most men experiencing hair loss, he tried treatments and medication with little success.

Finally he chose to go ahead with hair transplant, with extremely successful results.

Salvar’s hair loss journey, and the frustration and confusion that he experienced on his way to hair restoration are not unique.

Understanding that others were facing the same problems as he had, Salvar was inspired to write a book.

“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” was published in 2011 and is a definitive everyday guide to hair loss and the hair restoration treatments that are available. Intended to help anyone who is suffering from hair loss to learn about their condition and make an informed decision about hair restoration treatment, this book is an essential read.

Whether you are concerned about the first signs of hair loss or having been trying to find out about suitable treatments for some time, “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” by Salvar Bjornsson is written just for you. The book explains the causes of hair loss in men and women, and provides suggestions on how to minimise the effects. Readers will also learn about surgical hair restoration, such as hair transplants, along with innovative hair loss treatments like PRP and MSP Micro Scalp Pigmentation.

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