Quality most often than not is attained at a higher cost. It could be by reason of additional materials, time, expertise, equipment or care that make producing it a more intricate process than generic labels. This is evidenced in the different name brands offering their own particular set of products and services to the general public.


The scalp micropigmentation industry is no different. It takes premium grade inks, specialised equipment and experienced technicians to create a treatment of good quality. There are also necessary steps that it undertakes to ensure that its standards for doing so are being met. To deviate from this in any shape of form would risk the final output to be open to defects and other untoward incidents. Not only will the client be aggravated by such negligence, he would also have to endure its humiliation.

A scalp micropigmentation procedure is only successful if it can appropriately camouflage hair loss without being detected for doing so. Sadly not all clinics are of the same mentality. Their output is often easily recognised due to the inferior quality of their work. There are different cases where pigments have become discoloured a few months after they are layered. The bluish tinge it exudes is one of the concerns potential patients dreadfully think about before they undergo a treatment. There are also some hair patterns that turn out misshapen or highly irregular looking due to the inexperience of the technician that rendered it. Reports of incorrect needles being used in its application have also surfaced as well as the unsanitary standards that some establishments carelessly allow. This is a breeding ground where infection may easily set in. These clinics should not be allowed to operate due to their wanton disregard for the welfare of their patrons.

Prospective clients should always inquire about what goes into their scalp micropigmentation procedure before going through with it. Inquiring about the technician’s training, experience and level of expertise is a basic step toward securing his capacity to provide such services. Researching about other aspects of the clinic such as past performance in the form of reviews and feedback is instrumental toward providing the best information about their ability to complete a quality output. It might be going the extra mile, but actually meeting up with former patients can confirm the level of service a clinic can offer.

It is understandable then that such establishments will charge a premium for their services. Being able to provide a scalp micropigmentation treatment to an excellent standard can only be accomplished with the use of first-rate materials and personnel.

Inferior facilities can easily charge way below standard prices because of the acquisition cost of their materials and equipment. The staff they hire are also less skilled who do not charge as high for their services. This allows these clinics to offer out their supposed scalp micropigmentation treatments at a lower price. It might appear more attractive to those prospective clients that do not know the hassle they would face for its removal. Such establishments will find it difficult to provide output that would most likely be recognised as a cheap looking hair tattoo.

Such clinics are mostly motivated by the need to generate more profit. While everyone is free to earn a living, they must also do so within the bounds of common decency and basic respect toward their potential patients. Balding can be sensitive enough as it is. They do not need to compound the situation by rendering such poor services.

Excellent scalp micropigmentation comes at a premium