Many people across the world suffer from hair loss. Hair loss can be hard to go through, as our society and culture prize youthful looks—and healthy hair is a big part of that. Still, for those affected by hair loss, it has never been a better time to consider one of the many new and advanced techniques for hair restoration. Read on to find out what you can expect from follicular unit extraction transplants.

Follicular unit extraction, or FUE for short, is a method of harvesting donor hair for hair transplant surgery. It is differentiated from other older methods by the fact that extraction is done on an individual follicle level, meaning less scarring, faster recovery, and completely natural looking results.

During the procedure itself, the donor area (the part of the scalp with healthy hair from which follicles will be extracted) is numbed with a local anaesthesia. The doctor will extract follicles until enough have been taken to cover the intended recipient site. This process may last up to several hours. After the procedure, the donor area usually heals relatively quickly.

The next step involves placing the extracted follicles into the recipient area (which has previously been prepared using a special instrument) where they will continue to grow normally and produce healthy natural-looking hair.

FUE hair transplant is a great choice for those with patchy bald areas as the level of extraction and implantation mean that smaller areas can be restored and made to look very natural. FUE is a great choice for those who wish to undergo the most advanced procedure available as new research is always making FUE hair transplants better. It is currently one of the best hair restoration options as it is fast, advanced, and permanent. When performed by highly trained Doctors in the best conditions and with the most modern implements, like the procedures performed at Vinci Hair Clinic, FUE is your ticket to regaining a full head of hair.


What to Expect from FUE Hair Transplant