If you have noticed that your eyebrows are becoming thin or patchy, read on. We explain what you need to know about the causes of eyebrow hair loss and offer four top tips to prevent and treat thinning eyebrows.

The Causes of Thinning Eyebrows

One of the main causes of eyebrow hair loss is age. Our bodies naturally slow down hair production as we age which can result in thinner eyebrows than we had in the past. This type of hair loss is inevitable as it is controlled by our genes. However, the age that eyebrow hair loss starts and its extent varies between individuals. Another common cause of eyebrow thinning is grooming techniques. Frequent waxing, sugaring, threading and use of tweezers can damage the hair follicles and eventually the hair may stop growing back. Eyebrow hair loss can also be caused by a lack of certain nutrients in the diet, as well as hormonal changes such as those during pregnancy or the menopause.

Four Top Tips to Prevent and Treat Thinning Eyebrows

1: Get expert advice

As described, hair loss from your eyebrows can be caused by a variety of factors. It is a good idea to talk to an expert, such as one of the specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic. They will provide you with professional advice on what is causing the problem and offer a personalised plan for your treatment.

2: Update your eyebrow grooming routine

If you are in the habit of using harsh hair removal techniques to style your eyebrows, update your approach. Try an eyebrow razor to keep things neat and if you do need to use other methods, only remove hair from above and below the brow bone.

3: Take a hair growth supplement

Including a hair growth supplement like Vinci Hair Clinic’s Vitruvian Line in your routine is an easy way to prevent eyebrow hair loss and improve thinning eyebrows. Packed with vitamins and minerals, the one-a-day capsule will support your body in producing healthy, thick hair growth.

4: Consider an eyebrow hair transplant

If your eyebrow hair loss is permanent, you might want to consider an eyebrow hair transplant. This surgical procedure uses hair grafts to rebuild the structure of the eyebrow, restoring lost hair and creating a natural look of density.

Eyebrows Getting Thinner? What You Need To Know