Frequently Asked Questions

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Can women also have MSP treatment for thinning hair?
Can someone with Trichotillomania have a hair transplant?
Can I drink coffee on the day of my hair transplant?
Do you offer hair systems?
Can I have a hair transplant in Spain but have my stitches removed and aftercare in the UK?
Can I have a hair transplant after having Micro Scalp Pigmentation?
I saw a surgical robot doing a FUE on a TV show. Do you have these and are they better than a normal FUE?
I had a Micro Scalp Pigmentation a week ago and the colour has faded a lot. I am afraid it is going to disappear.
What size of FUE punch is best for FUE?
I am seeing very little growth through my scalp after 3 months, I am afraid something is not right?
Is a hair transplant cheaper in Brazil than the UK?
I had a transplant 6 weeks ago and am still experiencing redness on my scalp, what should I do?
How does a hair transplant work?
Why am I losing my hair?
What can I expect when I attend a Vinci Hair Clinic consultation?
What happens if I am not a good candidate?
Do hair transplants look natural?
Will the hair grow naturally?
Will the transplanted hair need any special care?
How long does the procedure take?
Will I have to shave my head for my hair transplant?
Will the procedure hurt?
Is there any risk of side effects, or complications such as infections?
When can I get back to my normal activities after the procedure?
Will the transplanted hair really grow for the rest of my life?
What is a hair graft?
How many hairs are in each graft?
Can I transplant hairs from someone else?
If hair transplants are this good how come there are still so many bald people out there?
Is FUE better than the strip technique (FUSS/FUT)?
Can the Micro Scalp Pigmentation be used to create the look of micro hair for a receding hairline?
Does Anvar (Oxandrolone) cause hair loss?
Can I get my insurance to pay for my hair transplant?
What can I expect when I attend a Vinci Hair Clinic consultation?
What happens if I am not a good candidate?
How much does a hair transplant procedure cost?
Are consultations free?
Are consultations free?
How does Laser Cap™ work?
Who can use Laser Cap™?
How long will it take before I see any results using Laser Cap™?
Can I use Laser Cap™ alongside other hair loss treatment such as Rogaine or Propecia?
Can I use the Laser Cap™ if I have had a hair transplant?
Does Laser Cap™ work for women?
How often do I need to use the Laser Cap™?
When can I use the Laser Cap™?
Can I put the Laser Cap™ in any hat?