Whether you have hair loss worries, or simply want to grow healthier looking hair, eating the right nutrients is essential. Your body needs a perfect balance of ingredients to perform all the little tasks that go into growing and maintaining your locks – but which foods should you be eating to help it out?

Your Shopping List for Healthy Hair



As well as being abundant in protein, eggs also contain biotin. You may have seen biotin shampoos, but it is worth noting that the nutrient’s nourishing effects work best when it is included in your diet.






Lentils are a good source of copper, a mineral involved in keeping the hair and scalp in good condition. Including them in your diet will also give you a boost of anaemia-preventing iron, and protein.





The dark green foliage of spinach is an excellent source of folic acid. This nutrient helps to support hair growth and is involved in the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen and other essentials to the hair follicle.



Beef or Lamb 

Beef and lamb are hair-growth helpers thanks to their zinc content. Zinc is a mineral that works to strengthen the hair follicle and can also help to inhibit the production of DHT (a hormone involved in androgenetic alopecia). A vegetarian and vegan-friendly source of zinc is pumpkin seeds.


Supplement Your Diet For Healthy Hair

Following a perfectly balanced diet is a good goal but it isn’t always realistic. The demands of your lifestyle might mean that you are too busy to shop for fresh ingredients and cook at home. Even if you do regularly whip up healthy home-made cuisine, it is difficult to know whether you are really getting enough of the right nutrients.

An easy way to ensure that you are giving your body exactly what it needs to make healthy hair is taking a specialist dietary supplement. Vinci Hair Clinic’s Vitruvian Line is the most complete dietary supplement designed to support hair growth. With just one capsule per day, you get a perfect balance of nutrients, including biotin, copper, folic acid and zinc.Vinci Vitruvian Line Vitamins

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Feed Your Hair With These Four Foods