It is widely accepted that a woman’s hair is a source of pride and joy.  Female hair loss can be a very traumatic experience. Hair loss will not only negatively affect her sense of beauty, but will also hurt her self-esteem and possibly drive her into depression.

We, at Vinci Hair Clinic are always trying to inform you about everything you need to know about female hair loss.

Types of Female Hair Loss

Trevor Mulholland, writing in, says there are two types of female hair loss.  That is temporary or non-genetic hair loss and permanent or genetic hair loss.

Growth cycle

Hair grows an average of one-half inch per month for between two to six months. One to two weeks after that period, the hair drops at a rate of 40 to 100 strands per day.

Factors that cause hair loss

Factors that can lead to female hair loss include heredity, age, hormonal changes, illness and treatment such as chemotherapy for cancer patients. A woman may have a normal hair follicle but if her growth cycle has issues, she will lose her hair. Damage to the hair follicle could also lead to hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia

Most women lose hair because of changes in hormones leading to androgenetic alopecia. Alopecia areata or patch baldness leads to both men and women losing hair. Certain factors such as stress and hairstyle could trigger other forms of hair loss in women including telogen effluvium, cicatricial alopecia, and traumatic alopecia.


The correct diagnosis of any ailment is the first and surest way to successful treatment. A specialist treating any woman who is losing or has lost her hair will usually carry out a thorough investigation of her family medical history and conduct medical tests.


For those suffering from androgenetic alopecia, the specialist will prescribe minoxidil while for people suffering from alopecia areata, the specialist will prescribe corticosteriods and other agents. Some other forms of hair loss such as telogen effluvium do not need any treatment so long as you tackle their root causes.


Why Does Female Hair Loss Occur?


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