The thought of going bald is most women’s worst nightmare. The state of our hair is so closely tied to how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us that when it starts falling out, the effects on our self-esteem can be devastating. Trying to disguise your thinning hair or bald patches will not resolve the problem. You need to find out what is causing your hair loss instead of hoping it will get better by itself.

Reasons Why Women Lose Their Hair

Hair loss is a problem that can affect women of any age and has a variety of causes. The most common is androgenetic alopecia, which is also referred to as female pattern baldness. It tends to occur during or after the menopause and results in thinning all over the head. Women are also susceptible to hair loss related to stress. Both chronic and short periods of intense stress can affect hair growth cycles resulting in telogen effluvium. This condition cuts the hair growth cycle short and pushes the hair into the shedding stage. Another type of hair loss that is experienced by many women is traction alopecia. This condition occurs when the hair follicles are put under strain for long periods of time, literally pulling the hair out from the follicle. There are several other conditions which can cause hair loss, including hormonal changes, nutrient deficiencies and autoimmune disorders such as alopecia areata and alopecia universalis.

The first step to stopping hair loss is finding out which condition is to blame. With the correct diagnosis, you can get the right treatment to stop your hair loss from progressing further and even grow your hair back.

How to Get Your Hair Loss Condition Diagnosed

If you suspect that you have a hair loss problem, turn to the specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic for help. Their hair restoration centres around the world are staffed by friendly and sympathetic staff who understand how hair loss affects not only your appearance but your confidence. Their expert consultants will assess your hair loss and offer personalised advice on the best treatment for you.


Find Out What is Causing Your Hair Loss