The single most important component to hair transplant surgery is choosing the right professional clinic for you. Don’t be fooled by a beautiful facility, nurses or the fact that the clinic advertises a lot in your area, that doesn’t mean at all they are producing good results. If the consultant does not properly plan your hair restoration properly and follow through with it, problems are likely to result. Be sure you find a well-credentialed, well-recommended, competent and experienced team who can handle this very important procedure.

A good first step is getting the feel for the clinic, have they produced good results, do they offer you good information, do they have a friendly and professional feel about them, can they show you pictures of past clients and their results?

In a perfect world, you could get in contact with others who have had hair restoration done and get their advice and recommendations, but chances are that you don’t know anyone who has had a hair transplant (or is willing to share that information) as most people will hide the fact that they had a hair transplant surgery, this is even more apparent with celebrities who deny having had hair transplants, even though its obvious from the change in their hair, mathew mcConaughey is one example of these celebrities.

If you don’t know anyone personally, the internet has many websites dedicated to discussion for this very purpose but be aware that many blogs and users comments are “rigged” and it’s often difficult to set the actual users posts aside from the sneaky promotional ones which are often added by clinics and clinic staff.

There is no reason not to be well informed and after reading this guide you should have plenty of information to help you make the right decision.

You can visit the website of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery at This group is a non-profit organization dedicated to hair transplants and professional advancement of the hair restoration industry and reputation. ISHRS has an extensive list of reputable doctors world-wide and from there you can visit individual doctors’ websites and engage in due diligence by researching that clinic online but bear in mind that any doctor can register with the ISHRS so even though someone is registered doesn’t mean that he is a good surgeon just as someone that isn’t registered is necessarily a bad one, it simply means that this surgeon is following some of the latest development in the industry.

When you’ve found a reputable clinic with which you’d like to start the hair restoration discussion, make sure that the planning stage is carried out appropriately .Different patients may have very different needs, so it’s important that your specific factors and attributes are taken into account—factors such as age and cause of hair loss can greatly affect the specific type of restoration that is the best fit for you.

A good consultation should always include the following steps: education of you as the patient, review of hair and medical history, physical examination, discussion of various options and the pros and cons of each, estimation of the number of surgeries needed, and a review of all the costs involved. Some of these tasks may be relegated to nurses or clericals to save time, but it’s very important that all these steps are covered and they should be no problem for a professional and experienced clinic.

Finding a Hair Transplant Clinic And Doctor