A receding hairline and hair loss can have a huge impact on a man’s self-esteem, dating prospects, advancement at work and social life. There are a variety of options men can turn to in order to regain lost hair, but this article will discuss the five main reasons why many guys turn to hair transplants.

Stave off competition at work

The modern-day office can be ruthless. Studies reveal that the more attractive you are, whether you’re male or female, the better your chances of promotion at the office. Well-groomed, attractive men rise up the ladder at work faster and receive pay rises more frequently. If you suffer from hair loss, a hair transplant will help restore more than just your hairline. Your bank balance may just get a much-needed boost too.

Be more attractive to your better half

They say your wife or girlfriend will love you no matter what. However, according to surveys, a receding hairline or a balding head is not that attractive to many women. Maintaining or restoring your hair will keep your relationship with your partner fresh and exciting.

Up the dating stakes

The online dating site match.com surveyed its female membership on what they find attractive about men. Most of the respondents mentioned that a man with a full head of hair ticks one of their biggest boxes. Why not increase the chances of landing that hot date with a hair transplant?

Enjoy the outdoors and sporting activities

Forget trying to get a comb over out of your face while you’re cycling. Wigs don’t make great fashion accessories when playing sports either. Regrow your hair with a transplant and you never have to worry about a sunburnt top.

Fed up with wearing a hat everywhere you go

Don’t you just hate wearing a hat each time you step out the door, even when you’re just going to the store? Having a hat for every occasion will eventually wear you out. Wearing a hat does not deal with the underlying cause of your hair loss, but a hair transplant will.

A hair transplant offers you the chance to regrow your hair and to enjoy all the things you no longer do because your lack of hair is in the way. Increase your chances of landing a hot date (if you’re single) or maybe gain more respect in the workplace. Vinci Hair Clinic offers hair transplant surgery as part of their hair restoration services. See the male hair loss pages of the website for more information.

Five Secret Reasons Why Guys Get Hair Transplants