In 2011, Wayne Rooney made the news when he talked to the press about having hair transplants. The then 25-year old footballer decided to take permanent action against his hair loss, and it seems that he has inspired many men to do the same.

In the past, men opting for hair transplants tended to be older and with more extensive balding. Now, younger men are also opting for the surgical approach to treatment. Vinci Hair Clinic has seen a rise in the number of men in their 20s who are concerned about hair loss and are seeking treatment. Their experts explain that this is a positive sign that attitudes towards hair loss are becoming more open.

Though many younger men are opting for hair transplant surgery, there are other solutions. Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts explain that there are also medical and non-surgical treatment options, which in some cases may be a better approach than hair transplants.

Unfortunately, deciding on a treatment for baldness is not quite as simple as saying “I’ll go and get hair transplants done tomorrow.” There are a variety of factors to take into consideration, from the cause of your hair loss to how far the condition has advanced. Some individuals are excellent candidates for a hair transplant, while others are not. The good news is that getting help with hair loss problems is easy.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers free, no-obligation consultations to male hair loss sufferers. They will diagnose your condition and guide you through the most suitable options for your treatment. These may range from medicines like minoxidil, LLLT treatment, mesotherapy, PRP and scalp micro pigmentation. Some of the treatments can be combined – such as minoxidil and LLLT for an enhanced result.

For those patients who do opt for hair transplants, there are two main techniques in use. FUE and FUT transplants use different extraction methods to obtain hair from the donor area. The hair is then implanted into the area of hair loss, with great care and skill needed to create a natural appearance. In younger men, it is particularly important that the hairline and donor areas are well planned to ensure that the finished design continues to look superb with age.







Following in Wayne Rooney’s Footsteps