Like every hair on our bodies, our eyelashes follow natural cycles of growth and shedding. It’s completely normal to lose a couple of hairs daily, but what if your eyelashes seem to be getting thinner every time you look in the mirror? We look at four causes of eyelash loss and what you can do about it.


Most people find that their hair, including their eyelashes, gets thinner as they get older. Changes in hormone levels and slower growth cycles are to blame for this type of hair loss. The effects vary between individuals. Some people notice no great difference in their eyelashes while others experience rapid thinning and sparse growth.

Cosmetics & eyelash extensions

The cosmetics that we use to beautify our lashes can do more harm than good. Some mascaras can be drying and make the eyelashes brittle so that they break more easily. Not removing your eye make-up properly before going to sleep is also a major cause of problems as it causes irritation to the hair follicles and may interrupt growth. Be aware too that false eyelashes and eyelash extensions should be used with care. They can put strain on your natural lashes and pull them out.

Health conditions

Abnormal eyelash shedding may signal an underlying health condition. Hair loss can be a symptom of alopecia areata, thyroid imbalances, vitiligo, lupus and other auto-immune diseases. It is important to see a doctor to identify whether one of these conditions is causing your hair loss and get appropriate treatment.


Trichotillomania is a condition which causes the sufferer to feel an irresistible urge to pull out their own hair. It can be triggered by a traumatic incident or stress. It is possible to beat the condition with appropriate help, so if you are concerned, ask for advice from your doctor.

Treatments for eyelash hair loss

If you treat the cause of your eyelash loss and there is no permanent damage to the follicles, the hair will usually grow back by itself. You can support your body in producing healthy new eyelashes by supplementing your diet with the Vinci Hair Clinic Vitruvian Line vitamin and mineral complex. For people whose eyelashes don’t grow back on their own, hair transplants offer an innovative solution. Vinci Hair Clinic’s surgeons use this delicate procedure to rebuild the eyelash line with grafts of the patient’s own hair.

Four Causes of Eyelash Hair Loss