With hair transplants offering an effective permanent solution for hair loss, it is not surprising that many men and women choose to have hair restoration surgery. However, as with any medical procedure, there are some important questions that you need to answer before you decide to go ahead.

Which hair loss clinic should I choose?

Quality must be your priority when it comes to choosing a hair loss clinic to treat you. Start by finding out whether your preferred clinic is licensed and registered with the appropriate authorities in the region. You can find out about their reputation more by checking online ratings and user feedback, as well as looking at client result photos.

Are you a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?

Hair transplants provide an excellent solution for some hair loss sufferers, but the surgery is not suitable for everyone. People with conditions such as alopecia areata and those who have limited donor hair are not good candidates for the treatment. Instead of playing a guessing game, get professional hair loss advice so that you can find out whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Can I afford hair transplants?

Hair transplant surgery is not usually covered by health/medical insurance, so you will have to cover the costs yourself. This is another reason why getting personalised advice is so important, as the price of the surgery will depend on your individual condition and stage of hair loss.

Do I have realistic expectations for healing and growth?

Modern hair transplant techniques have significantly reduced post-surgical healing times. However, it is essential to be realistic about what you can expect. It takes time for the grafts to settle and during the healing process, the implanted hair sheds as it is replaced by a new growing hair. Although the initial results of a hair transplant can be seen in a few months, it can take about a year for the grafts to grow in fully.

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Four Questions to Answer Before You Get Hair Transplants