Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is widely considered to be the best hair transplant method available today. Read this blog to get all the details on how the surgery works.

What is FUE?

Like all hair transplant surgery, FUE uses grafts of donor hair to restore areas of thin growth or baldness on the scalp. What makes this technique different from the rest is the method of graft extraction. During the procedure, which is performed under local anaesthetic, a specialised punch tool is used to remove individual hair follicles. As many as four thousand grafts can be removed in one session, allowing even advanced hair loss to be treated effectively.

What are the advantages of FUE?

FUE is often referred to as the gold-standard of hair transplant surgery because of the advantages it offers over other methods. The minimally-invasive micro punch tool allows surgeons to extract the grafts with exceptional precision. No stitches are needed, which makes post-operative care easier and means that no scarring is left behind. Tiny marks will be visible in the donor area initially, but these fade within days. The precise extraction also helps to boost follicle survival rates and ensures that the result looks completely natural.

Why choosing the right surgeon is essential

While the excellent results produced by FUE owe much to the development of innovative medical technology, the surgeon’s role cannot be understated. Their job is a combination of in-depth knowledge, experience and artistic talent. The skilled surgeon will carefully plan each client’s procedure by taking numerous factors. Every detail, from the shape of the hairline to positioning of each graft is crucial to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Vinci Hair Clinic FUE

Vinci Hair Clinic are proud to offer FUE hair transplants, along with a selection of other medical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments. Vinci’s FUE procedures are performed by top-class surgeons, who are supported by highly-trained medical teams. They are passionate about delivering client satisfaction and offer personalised care at every step of the process. To find out more about FUE hair transplants and start your hair restoration journey, contact Vinci today and book your free, fully confidential consultation.

FUE – The Gold-Standard of Hair Transplant Surgery