A recent article in one of the UK’s leading tabloids, The Mirror, featured a man (Richard) whose hair transplant has worked wonders for his dating. Using the popular dating app, Tinder, the thirty-one-year-old put his new hair to the test by setting up a second profile. A close-up photo showing off his full head of hair had the ladies swiping right 75 percent more. What does this short ten-day study tell us about what women want? A full head of hair is clearly on top of the desirable list of many women using the app.

What’s Richard’s love success secret?

The secret to 75 percent more matches in this social experiment is Richard’s recent hair transplant. Fed up with a receding hairline and constant jibes from friends and colleagues, Richard made the decision to have a hair transplant.

tumblr_inline_o7nl3spcxu1tlpcw3_1280Now he says he has more Tinder matches

(Photo: Richard King via Mirror/Cascade)

A recent study by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons shows that cosmetic surgery procedures in men increased 100 percent between 2005 and 2015. Many people view hair loss as a middle-age condition, but younger people in their thirties are opting for the procedure.

Hair loss treatment options

As more men in their late twenties and early thirties seek to find out more about hair transplant surgery, there is a need to demystify the procedure. No longer is trying to regain some youthfulness the preserve of the over-fifty crowd. Hair restoration offers men with receding hairlines an opportunity to enjoy a full head of hair once again.

So what treatments are available for men facing the threat of premature hair loss? Vinci Hair Clinic specialises in treating hair loss in men and women using surgical and medical techniques. Whether you’re looking to improve your love life or you’re just not ready to retire your hairbrush, there is a solution for you. Treatments for men available from Vinci Hair Clinic include:

  • Hair loss prevention treatment. Using FDA approved treatments, the doctors will reduce and stabilise hair loss.
  • Hair restoration with transplant surgery. Regain full locks with perfectly natural looking transplant hair.
  • Scalp micropigmentation. Create the impression of a close shave with this permanent and maintenance-free, non-surgical procedure.

Whether you want more luck with the ladies, or you’re fed up with people thinking you’re much older than you think, Vinci Clinic has an answer for your hair loss woes.



To find out more about the different procedures, visit Vinci Hair Clinic today.

Why a full head of hair is good for your love life