Throughout the history of hair restoration, doctors have tried many different hair transplant surgery techniques with varying levels of success. Today, the procedure has been refined and there are two main hair transplant methods in use: Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). How do these techniques work and what is the difference between them?

How Hair Transplants Work

A hair transplant is a permanent surgical procedure in which the patient’s own hair is used to restore natural density in areas of hair loss. The donor hair is generally harvested from the back of the patient’s head because these follicles are not affected by androgenetic alopecia. In cases of advanced hair loss, donor hair can also be harvested from the body. After an initial healing period, the transplanted hair falls out and is replaced by new hair, with most people seeing results from around 6 months after surgery.

Follicular Unit Transplant

A FUT hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic. The technique offers the advantages of being able to treat high levels of hair loss in one session and achieves a natural result of improved density. During the procedure, a fine strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the back of the patient’s head. It is divided into grafts which are then placed into the recipient area.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Like FUT surgery, an FUE hair transplant is performed under local anaesthetic and has a short recovery period. The main difference between the two types of hair transplant is how the donor hair is removed. The FUE technique utilizes the latest medical technology to extract the grafts individually, so no stitches are needed and there are virtually no signs that surgery has been performed.

Vinci Max Hair Transplant Procedure

Men who are at the Norwood Scale stage 4 or above and have limited donor hair available are not good candidates for FUE or FUT surgery. For patients with extensive hair loss, Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts have developed the Vinci Max hair transplant procedure. Vinci Max optimises a patient’s graft availability by using both FUT and FUE extraction methods. While simple FUE and FUT procedures are usually completed in one day, the Vinci Max technique can take two or three sessions.

FUT and FUE Hair Transplants – What’s the Difference?