Losing hair happens even to the best of us, including the rich and famous. For those of a certain age, the film Grease must bring back memories of how John Travolta danced and showed off his full head of hair. Then time happened, and the hair all started going a little bit thin at the front (perhaps just like what’s happening to you now). Well, Mr. Travolta must have visited a hair transplant clinic because the balding John is gone. In his place is the Travolta of Grease fame, complete with a full head of shiny, jet black hair.


Pictured in the UK’s Metro newspaper a few weeks ago, the transformation is simply amazing. The good people at the Metro were kind enough to include a less flattering photo with a clearly receding hairline, taken at 3 a.m. while he was at the gym in 2015. Fast forward to 2016 and the most recent pictures show him with a full head of hair—simply amazing. Prior to the photo, he appeared with a near bald top. He’s rarely been seen without what now appears to be a wig. With the way he is looking now, he won’t be needing a wig any time soon.

Regaining lost hair with a hair transplant

Hair transplants are becoming more common now as more celebrities such as John Travolta and Wayne Rooney take action against their hair loss. This by no means is a preserve of celebrities as anyone suffering hair loss can visit a hair clinic, such as Vinci Hair Clinic, for a consultation. Transplant experts, however, recommend trying medical solutions before opting for going under the knife. Some cases of hair loss can be halted with medication or other non-surgical techniques and Vinci Clinic offers several options.

If, like John Travolta, you miss your locks, now there’s something you can do about it. Why grow a thick skin against the jokes your friends and family make about your fast receding hairline when you can regrow it? Visit Vinci Hair Clinic website today to find out more about the techniques and procedures before booking your appointment.


Getting your hair back like John Travolta