Patchy hair loss related to stress is surprisingly common, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating for those suffering with it. Many women with this problem find themselves so desperate that they will try almost anything in an attempt to get their hair back.

Hair Loss Myths

One remedy that is often suggested as a treatment for patches of hair loss caused by stress is fresh ginger. In 2015, published an article by Erin Lukas, in which the author related her experience with rubbing fresh ginger onto her scalp to stimulate hair growth. She applied ginger to her bald patches three times weekly for half an hour. “After about a month, the hairs sprouting on the patch are no longer a 5 o’clock shadow but now are at baby-hair length” she enthused in her opinion piece.

Although Ms. Lukas was convinced that ginger cured her stress related hair loss, it is unlikely that this is the case. While ginger is an excellent addition to a healthy diet, there are no scientific studies to prove its efficacy as a topically applied hair growth treatment. The specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic believe what the author actually saw was her own hair naturally growing back by itself, as it can do after stress related hair loss.

An important point to consider when looking for remedies for stress related hair loss is that it has different causes. Hair can fall out after stress due to telogen effluvium, when the hair prematurely enters the resting stage, or alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes round bald patches. To stop hair loss and restore your hair, you need to know why your hair is falling out and get the right treatment for that condition.


The best way to get the right treatment for your hair loss is to consult with experts like those at Vinci Hair Clinic. They will diagnose your hair loss condition and offer a choice of appropriate hair restoration treatments. Non-surgical options that may be suitable for you include taking Vitruvian Line vitamins to support hair growth, using a low light laser therapy Lasercap, or PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment.




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Ginger – An Effective Remedy for Stress Related Hair Loss?