As glamourous evening hairdos go, wedding receptions, cocktail parties or any other glamourous affair demand not only your best dress, but your best makeup and hair, too. Many women will have a selection of dresses to choose from well in advance of the event. However, hair and makeup can sometimes take until the day of the event to decide upon. The stress and worry of leaving hair and makeup to the very last minute is unimaginable. Well, worry no more because Elie Saab’s Fall 2017 Show revealed a stunning evening hair and makeup hairdo that will fit in perfectly with whatever dress you’ve set your heart on.

Ballerina inspired hair and makeup

You don’t have to know your pirouette from your adagio or even own a tutu to pull this look off. It may draw some inspiration from the fairytale A Thousand and One Nights, but you’re not expected to walk with the grace of a ballerina when it’s all done. At its simplest, the look involves smoky and sparkly makeup, with hair tied up into a “more than meets the eye” chignon. At this point, you may be thinking this sounds like smoky eye shadow and a low bun, but there are some fine details which add sparkle and elegance to the look.

Get the look

Introducing volume to your hair is a key ingredient if you want to pull this hairdo off flawlessly. Once you have managed to give your hair some poof, resist the temptation to tie it into a bun immediately. You will pull tight the hair on the sides, which will ruin the look.

Next, you want to focus on the chignon. Instead of pulling and twisting your hair into a single bun, pin up the ends of your hair in sections. You will then be able to create small, softer buns, which you will combine to give a defined, layered chignon, with more volume.

The hairdo is versatile and you can accessorize it to your heart’s content. You can carry on the ballerina or princess theme by choosing a complementary diamante tiara that will sparkle and dazzle when it catches the light.

It’s exciting to think about all the styles you’d want to try out. However, not all women are lucky enough to retain all their hair through childbirth and the later part of their lives. Hair loss affects millions of women across the world.

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A Gorgeous Evening Hair and Makeup Look, Courtesy of Elie Saab Fall 2017