For months, GQ has been encouraging men to buzz their hair claiming that keeping your hair short allows for versatility because it can look casual or stylish depending on what you wear. In an article last December[i], GQ author Stephen Praetorius advocated a new winter style for men: letting your hair grow out as long as possible. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we keep track of the latest styles and trends in men’s hair so that we can give the best advice possible to men about how to handle their thinning and balding hair. If you’re experiencing hair loss, consider investing in hair transplant surgery so that you can enjoy the latest fashion trend.

Praetorius explained that letting your hair grow out during the winter is a great way to mitigate the effects of extreme temperatures. Bitter cold winter temperatures are terrible for the skin, and indoor heating dries the air and exacerbates dryness and flakiness on your scalp. Growing your hair out protects the skin from the cold temperatures and hides the effects of winter weather on the skin of your scalp. In addition to its pragmatic benefits, long hair for men is increasingly stylish. Many men are returning to the “SoCal surfer-style flow” as their hairdo of choice, including many celebrities. Even if you’re hesitant, you could treat it like an experiment—letting it grow longer and longer until you reach your limit. If you don’t like it, you can always trim it down to return to the timeless buzz cut.

Luckily, men experiencing thinning and balding hair can join in on the latest style trends with the help of hair regrowth treatments. Hair transplant surgery can restore your hairline, enabling you to follow the latest trend and grow out your hair.

If you don’t qualify for hair transplant surgery, you can still enjoy the benefits of the stylish appearance of buzzed hair by undergoing a scalp micropigmentation procedure.


No matter your style preferences or hair needs, we have options for you at Vinci Hair Clinic. Contact us today to begin your hair regrowth journey.



GQ’s Latest Winter Hair Advice for Men