It’s no secret that even celebrities and film stars go bald every once in a while. Actually, going by the tabloid reports, it may seem like more celebrities than ordinary people undergo surgical hair transplants. A recent feature in the men’s style magazine GQ written by Joel Stein reveals his journey with hair loss and transplant surgery.

Joel Stein is, among other things, a writer and facing up to the challenge of losing his hair was a struggle. According to his article, at first he didn’t take it seriously because of the balding pattern. Losing the hair from the top of your head or crown of the head is a bit easier to hide. Someone has to be looking down on you to notice how patchy the hair is. As long as you have adequate hair elsewhere, you can master the comb-over and more or less get away with it.

Facing up to the facts

However, in Joel’s case, his hairline was receding from the front backwards. This is the type of balding every man dreads simply because you can’t hide it. One of the treatments he admits to trying once he realized what was happening is minoxidil. Minoxidil, according to Wikipedia, is “…an antihypertensive vasodilator medication. It also slows hair loss and promotes hair regrowth in some people. Now off-patent, it is available over the counter for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.” His results were positive to begin with as Joel noticed a slowing down of the hair loss process. However, depending on the cause of hair loss, the best some medicines will do is slow down the process, not halt it. In Joel’s case, his hair loss continued.

Opting for surgery

Just like many other people suffering from hair loss, surgery is a momentous step to take. There are a lot of amazing stories of people who have grown a full head of hair as a result of surgery. Equally, there are some horror stories too. Every surgical procedure is risky in some sense, and Joel was apprehensive and skeptical to begin with. Eventually deciding to go for a consultation, the rest of the article describes the consultation procedure, the surgery itself, the recovery period, and the overall results.

Although results will vary from individual to individual, the main point from this article is that hair loss has an impact on how people perceive you, and how you feel about yourself. Cosmetic surgery in general is viewed as vanity in some circles, but when it comes to hair loss, it is a gift you give yourself if you can afford it.

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The Great Anti-Baldness Experiment