Undoubtedly, nearly every woman associates the state of their hair with their attractiveness to the opposite sex. The fear of losing their hair comes in close second to the fear of snakes or spiders. In some instances of hair loss, hair care routines play a key role. So how can women care for their hair without the possibility of losing it all? This article answers a few hair care questions from women just like you.

What daily steps should I take to care for my hair?

Firstly, washing your hair every day isn’t necessary. Two or three times a week is good enough. Use natural and neutral shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t damage your hair. Towel dry if possible or use a low heat setting on your hair dryer. Brush twice daily starting from the tip to the roots.

What should I include in my diet for healthy hair?

Eating a balanced diet is vital for healthy hair. Eating enough protein protects your hair against becoming brittle, weak, and from breaking. Iron and zinc are also important in your diet and supplementation may be necessary if you aren’t getting enough from your food. Avoid processed food as well as junk food and ensure you have a good source of Vitamin C in your diet. Eat legumes and nuts plus protein rich foods such as fish, chicken, eggs, and dairy products.

My hair is greying and I’m young, should I be worried?

Premature greying is a factor of genes more than anything else. There are a variety of causes, and stress may be one of them. The process is irreversible and occurs naturally so you shouldn’t be worried. Most people turn to hair colorants but be careful to always use products that are safe for your hair.

What effect does hair styling have on my hair?

Styling and relaxing chemicals are among some of the tops causes of hair problems in African American women. Some of the chemicals contained in these products are deadly for your hair. Combine this with excessive heat, braiding, and other hairstyles which put strain on your hair and you have a recipe for disaster. Always choose your styling products carefully and be gentle with your hair.

If you believe you could be losing your hair or you’re already showing some symptoms, always consult a specialist. Vinci Hair Clinic has hair restoration specialists operating clinics around the world.



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