Hair loss does not choose between men and women. As a society, however, we place more taboos on female hair loss than we do on male hair loss. This means that the psychological effects of hair loss tend to be more severe for women than they are for men. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we believe that our society needs to do more to support women enduring the emotional turmoil of hair loss. We do our part by offering world-class hair transplant surgeries and cosmetic solutions through scalp micropigmentation procedures.

For men, hair loss is perceived as a natural part of life and follows a predictable pattern. Female hair loss, on the other hand, is less predictable. A lot of female hair loss goes unnoticed until it becomes significant. Even when it’s unnoticed, however, it affects the woman experiencing hair thinning and shedding. When it combines with wrinkles and other signs of aging, hair loss can cause loss of self-esteem in the short term and even depression in the long term if it goes untreated.

Celebrity culture, billboards, and marketing campaigns often cause stress for women who cannot participate in the latest hair trends. For many women experiencing balding, media can become a source of frustration and despair. Fortunately, an increasing number of women are searching for a solution to their hair loss. Recently, there has been a proliferation of information about the proper nutrition and treatment options for women who are losing their hair. We recommend that women seek help from a specialist to determine the underlying cause of their hair loss. Once the underlying cause has been determined, the appropriate solution can be found.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we offer solutions to women facing the undo psychological trauma of hair loss. Our skilled surgeons and technicians perform world-class hair transplant surgeries and scalp micropigmentation procedures for women around the world. If you’re facing hair loss, contact one of our clinics today to begin your hair restoration journey.


Hair Loss Causes Psychological Trauma for Women