Hair loss is an emotional subject, wrought with so many feelings that very few people talk about it. Hair and beauty go hand in hand for women. From an early age, women are taught to attach their attractiveness to the color, length, and styling of their hair. When hair starts falling out, for whatever reason, it becomes a very emotional time for men and women alike. The rest of this article discusses some of the emotional impact of hair loss.

Hair loss as a sign of aging

Hair loss will age you by about seven years. No one wants to look older than they are and modern society attaches negativity to aging. Once people perceive you as older, their attitude towards you changes. This brings around all kinds of emotions, from being left out to feelings of lost youth and vitality.

Stuck in a styling rut

Whether you’re a man or a woman, losing your hair robs you of the hair styling flexibility many people take for granted. Suddenly you become more worried about making a bad situation look better, instead of looking your best. You will go for the style that hides your missing hair the best and before you know it, you’re a one-style man or woman.

Hair loss impact on body image and self confidence

Other than the missing hair, the next thing to go is self-confidence. The less attractive you feel inside, the less involved you become with the people around you. Your confidence suffers, whether at work or in social settings. In general, hair loss upsets women more than men, but the emotional and psychological impact of hair loss affects both men and women.

Feelings of inadequacy

Hair loss can lead to stress, which often tends to make the situation worse in many instances. Most people suffering from hair loss tend to become socially withdrawn and feel inadequate.

Attitudes towards hair loss seem to be stuck in the past, which does not help people who are affected by it. Social teasing is common and many bald men and women suffer from exclusion.

All hope is not lost though as medical and surgical options are available to treat a variety of hair loss conditions. Specialist clinics, such as Vinci Hair Clinic, offer a range of hair loss treatments and they have clinics in many cities around the world.




Hair Loss: Emotions and Feelings